Conference & Workshop Credits

In order to obtain 1 Graduate Credit from Anna Maria College, please follow the instructions below.  Graduate Tuition and Fees for 1 credit is $275


OAKE National Conference 2019

  1. Pay the OAKE National Conference Fee through the OAKE website

  2. Register for 1 Credit on KMI website and pay registration fee- 1 Credit = $275

  3. Attend and document 15 hours of workshops at the conference

  4. Write a reflection paper due two weeks after the conference. For each session, rehearsal, or in depth conversation about music teaching, provide the following information in a typed document:

    • Title and/or description of event

    • Description of what you found valuable or intend to apply to your teaching. Provide specific examples.

    • Questions or disagreements with what you encountered (if applicable)

  5. Email the paper to