Conference & Workshop Credits

In order to obtain 1 Graduate Credit from Anna Maria College, please follow the instructions below.  Graduate Tuition and Fees for 1 credit is $275

  1. Pay the BAKE workshop fee through the BAKE website
  2. Register for 1 Credit on KMI website  and pay registration fee-  1 Credit = $275
  3. Attend all three BAKE workshops
  4. Write a reflection paper due one week after each workshop: 
    • What did you learn?
    • What will you bring to your own classes?
    • What do you want to learn more about?
  5.  Email the paper to

OAKE National Conference 2019

  1. Pay the OAKE National Conference Fee through the OAKE website
  2. Register for 1 Credit on KMI website and pay registration fee- 1 Credit = $275
  3. Attend and document 15 hours of workshops at the conference
  4. Write a reflection paper due two weeks after the conference. For each session, rehearsal, or in depth conversation about music teaching, provide the following information in a typed document:
    • Title and/or description of event
    • Description of what you found valuable or intend to apply to your teaching. Provide specific examples.
    • Questions or disagreements with what you encountered (if applicable)
  5. Email the paper to