Anna Maria College Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study with Kodály Music Emphasis


Anna Maria College, Paxton, MA and the Kodály Music Institute will now be offering a 24-30 Credit Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Education with Kodály Emphasis

This program requires a separate application to Anna Maria College Graduate School. Acceptance into one program DOES NOT guarantee acceptance into the other.

In addition to 12-18 required Kodaly Music Institute credits, in order to complete the CAGS requirement of 24-30 credits, students will broaden their pedagogy knowledge and skills by taking a self-designed program.  Students who finished the Kodály Music Institute Certificate With Distinction before 2017 may apply 6 credits toward the required 18 credits of Kodály music study only if those credits were not used for another degree program. 

Students will meet with the Program Director at Anna Maria College to discuss credit hours required and choose courses to best meet the CAGS program of study.  Students are encouraged to select pedagogy courses that will benefit personal and professional growth. 

Anna Maria College’s Educator Preparation Program is committed to all licensure and content levels. Classes incorporate graduate students that represent early childhood, elementary, moderate disabilities, and Kodaly music to learn best practices in pedagogy and assessment to meet the diverse needs of PreK-12 students.


Anna Maria College courses may include:

  • EDU 626Teaching Exceptional Children
  • EDU 632Strategies for Inclusion
  • EDU 653Sheltered English Instruction (SEI)
  • EDU 656ESL Theory and Practice
  • EDU 659Learning Disabilities
  • EDU 662Using Data to Inform Instruction
  • EDU 663Ed, Law and Professional Standards
  • PHL 600Ethical Theory of Education

As with the other Anna Maria College CAGS programs, students may be eligible to transfer up to six credits into the program from other institutions. Students will only be eligible to transfer courses if the courses meet the pedagogy requirements of the CAGS. Students should contact the Anna Maria College Program Director to approve any transfer courses. Graduate courses used to fulfill another advanced degree are not able to be transferred.

Students should consult with their school district regarding CAGS credit requirements.

For more information contact Joanne McDonnell, Director of Education Programs 508-849-3419